the wildlings are coming

I “planted” a whole bunch of wildflower seeds in the front yard a couple weekends ago. There is a tiny rectangular space in between the two front stoops of the townhouse I live in. It was terribly unkept, overgrown and icky, so I spent 3 hours on a Sunday and cleaned it out. I added some fresh soil and then replanted two tiny olive trees that I was able to save from the lizardtopia the space once was. I put two little solar light in  the front (only one works, DRAT!) and poured, nay, dumped a ton of wildflower mulchy stuff into it. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out, but I’m hoping it’s lovely and colorful at least for a couple months. I’m also going to plant climbing jasmine and try to train it to grow up onto the iron work that frames my front entrance. We shall see!

image by me

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