AT-AT day afternoon

This animated short by Patrick Boivin makes me smile. I had to watch it 3 times (ok, 4 times). Visit Patrick’s vimeo to see how he gave life to a vintage toy.  I wish I could have gotten it to embed here on the blog at a larger size but the new embed code for Vimeo has got me stumped. Minus a few fun hours with old friends on Saturday, I spent most of my weekend in a funk. I’ve decided to take on some new personal projects to help snap me out of it. Mostly fun online tutorials, craft projects and brainstorming new things to add to the shop. Got a shiny new notebook today, can’t wait to scribble all over it! I found a fun tutorial over at Hank & Hunt last week that I’ve been meaning to share with you. And, I put what I learned to good use making little animated GIFs of my favorite AT-AT moments:

(Head over to Hank & Hunt for Photoshop tutorial on how to make animated GIFs like these.)

One response to “AT-AT day afternoon”

  1. I caught myself wanting this dog – and then I thought ‘if it pees and poops anyways, I want fur!’ But the dog is just so wobbly like a newborn that needs love and affection, and it already comes with a readymade nickname… So cute.

    Thanks for the tut! First of all, I need to learn how to take a decent photo.

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