read, write, relax

Step 1  |   Arrange pillows on squishy couch to maximum comfiness.

Step 2  |   Make a mocktail or cup of tea (don’t skimp on the honey, honey).

Step 3  |   Remove cat from comfy pillow space he commandeered while you were in the kitchen.

Step 4  |   Relax into squishy couch and commence reading of favorite blogs / shops / whatnot.

Step 5  |   Make notes to self about new project ideas / recipes / future blog posts.

…and here’s a list of what/who I’m reading lately:

craftgawker  |  gallery site with DIY projects from many lovely blogs you’ve perhaps not even heard of.

pinterest  |  no explanation needed – warning: this site is habit forming.

oh joy!  |  I love reading Joy’s design / food / fashion features and her baby girl, Ruby, is ridiculously adorable. I’m looking forward to Joy’s second book: Blog Inc. (set to release this Fall).

pugly pixel  |  Tutorials galore, super generous and honest blogger, Katrina, blogging about blogginess.

design for minikind  |  Erin’s latest addition to her popular blog, design for mankind. Yep, it’s all about her finds for wee ones and adventures in becoming a momma.

the maven circle  |  Jen and Jena help me stay focused on what’s important about being a creative professional: treating myself well in the process. Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the Maven’s Truthy Tuesday with a post about the Work / Life Balance.

J’s everyday fashion  |  Finally, a fashion blog that is both within my budget and not over my head.

creature comforts  |  Ez Pudewa is my favorite blogger. I’ve been following her blog since before I started my own and when I read her posts I feel like I’ve just had a chat with a good friend; warm and fuzzy!

lonny mag  |  Even though they have been around for a while, I still get excited about online magazines. I fantasize about creating my own or contributing to one…(voice drifts off with heavy sigh).

anthology magazine  |  Clean yet expressive design, witty teaser trailers for each new issue…they had me at stop-motion.

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