time in a bottle

Love this.

I’ve been a tad weepy lately. Not all boo-hoo, whoa is me or anything like that. Just sensitive, like sad-commercial-sensitive. Maybe I shouldn’t watch M.A.S.H. anymore during dinner? Or, it could be the dreary weather we’ve been having. Everything is so gray and muddy and blech. Florida is a weird place for weather, you know? Most of the time it is very pleasant and very sunshiny. We have one LONG summer and then a few months of rain then the cold sets in but it’s really just an excuse to get out all those hideous sweaters and drink vats of hot chocolate while wearing scarves of every color. I love hot chocolate. I love scarves. Maybe whipping up some scarves and such would cheer me up? Might as well start a blanket while I’m at it. I found this one over at the Purl Bee yesterday, it really is easy pattern too. Mac is still a little bit crazyface around yarn and blankets. He found some socks last night and tossed them around a few times before I noticed (the socks survived).

I created a blog specifically for knitting posts last year (knit pretty) but I decided I’ll just share that stuff here instead. I have a habit of spreading myself (way) too thin even though I prefer things to be simple and uncluttered. I have been working on a new bloggy -shop project for a couple months now – but I’m not quite ready to share it with the tens of people that read this blog (hi mom). But, I will soon!

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