fall for you

I’m sure I have mentioned about 100 times that I live in Florida. The no-weather-is-good-weather state. We do actually get weather but not the traditional change of seasons. I was in my backyard the other day and it was “sprinkling” pinky-orange leaves, it was very pretty. It’s not chilly at all, but lately in the morning the air has been a bit more crisp than usual.

Over the weekend I was dealing with a dilemma quite common among singletons like myself… to decorate or not to decorate. I live a mostly solitary life save for the two furry monsters I share space with.  I’ve lived on my own for quite a while. Some years I refuse to decorate for the holidays but other years I have gone all out. I’m fussy that way, I guess. This year I’m feeling a bit in-between. Mac still has a lot of puppy left in him so I’m limited to decor that can rest on a shelf and outside on the front steps.

I got myself a pumpkin, some hardy mums in my favorite color, and hung a wreath on the front door. I pulled a couple knick knacks from my “Monica Closet” under the stairs (don’t judge me) and bought a cinnamon bun / buttercream icing scented plug-in. Decorating done. The mister, who moved back to Michigan, sent me some pictures of what a real change of season looks like. I have not seen the leaves change in about ten years.

I was able to knit for a couple hours Saturday. I exhausted Mac thoroughly earlier that day with a car ride and a series of long walks. He was completely uninterested in my tote bag full of yarn.

The cat was also blissfully unaware, sleeping on a quilt (that protects a faux leather ottoman) in the dining room.

Sunday I ended up making a batch of chili (table for one) and some orange-cranberry muffins. I plopped myself down on the couch after dinner and felt pretty content with myself.

all images © Aimee McEwen

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