No…not THAT kind of bark. THIS kind of barkBark Decor (silly).

I have a tremendous amount of respect for artisans that create with such involved processes as screen printing. Then I read that Bark is the brainchild of a duo of creative sister’s and I’m completely agog. How do they do it? My sisters and I are more likely to create World War III than anything artistic, beautiful or even pleasant for that matter. But that’s for me and my therapist to work through, if I could afford therapy.

Bark offers home goods, apparel, accessories, art prints and soon stationery. I like the aesthetic of their new web site (anthro meets west elm) and the branding is spot on (yeah…I said spot on…). Bark is on Etsy  (take advantage of their FREE SHIPPING why don’t you?) or  you can purchase gift certificates on their web site. I’m really not a jewelry person but the arrow necklace is something I could see myself in. You know, once I say the heck with it and do that whole life-wardrobe-makeover thing (that I plan on every January and give up on every February).

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