wet nose, warm heart


I’m finally tinkering around with my camera and taking pictures of my favorite guy. He’s a good model, yes? We’ve got to do something about those nails, though! Yesterday he jumped up on the bed all by himself. Until yesterday he’s only ever been able to do that with a running start. My little athlete. I’ve also had to rearrange some furniture…Mac was using the storage ottoman in the dining room to get to whatever he thought I left out for him on the kitchen table. My little genius.

It was a dreary, rainy day today. My bones knew it before my brain did. I slept until noon. I went and got my laundry done, at least. I have been trying not to take any Motrin. It makes me retain water…which then puts me in a rotten mood. Sometimes you just have to deal with the pain, you know?

Anyway, back to my little model/genius. My heart, who slept beside me on the couch until noon. I am sure he knew I was not feeling great. He has such an expressive face.


all images © Aimee McEwen

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