A few weeks ago I decided I would start my new year in February. This whole month of January I’ve been feeling a bit lost, stifled, stuck. Happy-shiny-optimistic Aimee is on holiday and that bitch hasn’t even sent a post card.

But. My 2013 starts in 2 days and as of today I’ve returned to singleton status. After 5 years of detours, I am ready to get off the sad, soul sucking, co-dependent relationship roller coaster. So. That is all I’m going to say about that.

I’m moving into “project me mode”. Maybe even unfrump a little bit? Not so that I can find “someone” (barf)… but, so that I can be myself (again). I’ve spent more than a couple years simplifying my life but the last year or so things started to get muddled and I will spend my 2013 unmuddling.