heart and home


Oh. Helloo there!

My ‘new year’ has officially started. I’m adjusting to my newly acquired single status. Although, the house is a bit cluttered and I’m sure the floors need to be swept (the ex-mister was a neatnick). Over the weekend I managed to get 5 loads of laundry done, wash the dog (not at the same time) and even kinda sorta went to the grocery store. The refrigerator is still quite bare but I’ve eaten well the past few days, even pondered trying out my new workout DVDs or at the very least take myself for a walk around the ‘hood. I visited with a friend and our dogs wrestled until they passed out (ten minutes later they were at it again). Mac loves riding in the car now. We went all over the place yesterday and he is so calm, sitting there in the back seat. I almost feel like his chauffeur.


This morning there were workmen over at the apartment next door, hammering and drilling. While I dried my hair, I imagined little doozers over there doing what doozers do and it made me laugh. All in all, I’m in a pretty decent mood. The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday (that’s February in Florida for you!).  I am embracing the ‘me’ instead of ‘we’ mindset and I’ve started filling my schedule with activities…or at least the possibility of them. Exercise, Sunday dinners, adventures with Mac, and making/drawing things. It’s almost Spring, and I feel optimistic about having a new year in which to bloom.

images © Aimee McEwen

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