ideas {will} grow here

I pick through the shelves of notebooks at Target the way some people examine fruit at the farmer’s market. I scan each one intensely; weeding out the ones with any sort of blemish/ scratch/ imperfection. Asking me to ignore an end cap of clearance notebooks / planners / office doodads is like asking me to ignore starving orphaned kittens or puppies… I must save them! I only intended on getting an office organizer, maybe a binder, and ONE notebook. I left with 2 organizers, a binder, 2 notebooks, a planner, a pencil cup and a paper tray. Lots of items were on clearance (50% off) so I feel pretty proud of myself for not spending too much.

I’ve got a project in the works and will be brainstorming for the next couple days… I would not be able to focus without a new notebook. These two are by greenroom and remind me of Rifle Paper Co. a bit. I am seeing this illustration style everywhere lately.

My other goal for this weekend was to transition Mac to a dog bed so that I might be able to someday work peacefully in my office with him resting nearby. First attempt failed. $15 dog bed only lasted 3 hours. (sigh) Mac will be two years old on the 20th of this month. Maybe he is still too young for a big-dog bed? I forgive him, he is my little monster after all. We’ll try again in a few weeks.

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