so, this is two


The boy turns two years old today. I gave him a new pillow to sleep on in his crate last night. While I was getting dressed this morning, after breakfast and after he had his potty break, he went back into his crate and rested for about an hour. When it was time to leave for work I attempted to give him his treat and remove the pillow from the crate because he tends to destroy blankets and pillows when left unsupervised. But today, Mac was not having it. He would not budge from his new squishy friend. As I spoke calmly to him and asked him to go get his treat…which I had placed a good 3 feet from the crate as an incentive to get off the pillow… Mac looked at me with stoic resolve. I tugged the corner of the pillow gently so that he might understand “mom is going to work and the pillow comes out”. He looked down at my hand, placed his paw on it and pushed it away. I was beside myself. I nodded and said “ok” and “be good” then retrieved his treat and dropped it into his crate. Overnight, he somehow became a Big Dog. Of course I dashed home at lunchtime to check on him. He was sleeping, and the pillow was completely intact.

Good dog.