let it go. let it be.


I was messing around a bit with the Paperfonts again. ‘Let it go’ and ‘Let it be’ – two things I remind myself of almost daily. I’ve posted before about doing my best to keep this space positive. It can be a difficult thing, you know, because life is not always “great” and there are “disappointments” and “stressors” and… unlimited other things I could throw quotes around.


But, what’s really important is that you let things go… you change the things that you can change and leave be the things you cannot (that includes people). Do not dwell. Do not despair. Do not give up. Even when your heart is broken – remember – everything is going to be okay, eventually.

PAPERFONT typeface designed by Ipsum Planet for Neo2 magazine <www.neo2.es>
Pressed Flowers images

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