Yesterday, I was ALL OVER Etsy, catching up on blogs, “window” shopping on pinterest – in between lapses of consciousness, that is. My little beagle / nurse, Mac, was surprisingly sympathetic to my aches and pains as he lay next to me…mimicking my long sighs and intermittent groans. We spent most of the day under blankets on the couch. We made one trip out of the house for a brief walk and then some rations. After that I attempted to check my work email but it was broken, I guess. Lucky for me.

The decidedly bright spot of my day was finding French artist Solène Allard‘s Etsy shop, Sobigraphie. I love The French Cat. I love him even more when he’s animated like on Solène’s blog. Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m collecting  a lot of cute little animations lately. “Someday”, I’ll be posting my own silly gifs… (voice trails off wistfully)… meanwhile… why don’t you go visit Solène’s shop and blog? I’ve got lots of work to do! Shoo, shoo!sobigraphie-portrait



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