p.s. i got a kitten

kitteh3 see a penny, pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck.

She’s so FLUFFY and pretty LOUD when she doesn’t get exactly what she wants. Mac absolutely adores her. She is much too small to play with him though. Kitty (my 15 year old male cat) is a bit wide-eyed about the whole situation. He is curious but definitely is not interested in being friends with “the kitten”. I’m being careful to give him extra attention and treats after she makes her (very brief) appearances.


And, I had no idea that kittens were so hard to take pictures of. GOSH! I decided it was best to just get some video of her wobbling around, and playing with her own feet. She loves to run around my office and make funny growling noises at her toys as she kicks their asses. That’s my girl!

images © Aimee McEwen

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