the paris print shop

When you visit The Paris Print Shop you’ll find smart and lovely prints, photographs and books with a french twist. Sidenote: I’ve decided to redo my kitchen and, since I have the tiniest kitchen in the world… I am probably the only person who will even notice. Sadly, there isn’t even room in my kitchen to hang a print. Nonetheless… this shop is one of my favorites and I should move to a new place with better lighting and wall space (obviously).

images by Nichole Robertson

Oh! and here’s something else wonderful from Nichole and Evan Robertson
(i.e. Obvious State Studios):


“The Paris Journal is a digital book that combines fine art photography and minimalist video into visual stories of Paris neighborhoods. Each volume covers one neighborhood over the course of one day, from morning to night.”

How cool is this? I’m pretty sure I’ll never make it to Paris in this lifetime so that makes this book perfect for me. I’m just about the worst traveler. Being lost is an awful feeling and being lost in a foreign country would be sheer terror for me. I know that seems sad to you brave and fearless vacationers out there but I’m a basically a hermit that needs to live vicariously through other people… and that means I’m only a little bit ashamed to admit I’ve become slightly addicted to PBS travel-guide-documentary-type programs.

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