washi forever

This is probably the first time I’ve felt like a 3 day weekend wasn’t long enough. Really. I’m working hard to get my head back into the day job. It’s our “slow time”. Nearly Summer. I’ve got a ton of maintenance to do. You know, all the things your can’t even THINK about getting to when you are completely buried.

Somehow I forgot to mention last week that Etsy now has INSTANT DOWNLOAD available for those that sell digital files (and those that like to buy them)! I think that this is the best feature Etsy has ever offered. Now that selling digital files is exponentially easier (as far as file management goes) I have SO MANY things I want to add to my shop. Currently there are only my washi tape inspired printable planners and a few memo pad kits. but I really want to add more printable projects.

clip found via Susannah Conway
images © Aimee McEwen

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