living small

LIVING_SMALL_workbookI’ve been busy. Maybe even a bit loony (who needs to shower, anyway?). Quite often, I joke about not having my shit together; life is hard, I’m all alone, blah blah blah. I don’t want the WORLD… I just want a space that is mine. A home, a sanctuary. So, I put together a workbook for myself… a combination 5-year planner and mini life organizer. The (major) goal? A cottage of my very own. Which is, ironically enough, no small feat… for someone like me, who saves little, is constantly teetering between crisis and calm. But, if anything, I’m resilient and I’ve made a decision to work towards physical AND fiscal fitness.

“Living Small” is trending heavily right now. I wish I could say I’m hip to all that, but I’m not. I’ve always wanted to live small, carve out my own path and live simply. Having limited funds helps, of course (ha). Generating a passive income, freelancing more and spending less (wasting less) is what will allow me to reach my goal to tiny cottage ownership. And along that vein, I am going to list the “Living Small” workbook in my shop as a printable for just $4.95 (see? passive income… check!).

Here’s what’s included:

>> 5-Year Plan worksheets
>> Budget
>> Debt and Savings Ledgers
>> Hours Log
>> To-Do List
>> Meal and Wellness Planners
>> Weekly Schedule
>> Shopping List
>> Nitty Gritty List (general stuff)
>> Notes

The PDF is 8.5″ x 11″, set up so that it won’t hog all your printer ink and the pages are general/simple enough so that they can be multi-purpose. Living Small will be an ongoing feature here on the blog, so that you can see how things are progressing. Visit the shop to get your printable workbook. If you need a custom page (I am a HUGE pushover) it’s only $2, just contact me and tell me what you need.

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