dear deer

deerFinally getting around to drawing a bit on the tablet. Animals are my favorite, so I started there. Only got as far as creating this graceful little deer. I’ll create some friends for him in the next few days. Then some scenery. Then the WORLD (ha). My birthday is in a few days. It falls on a Sunday this year, so that’s cool; not to spend the whole day at the day job (with people reminding you it’s your birthday every 10 minutes or someone complaining that the cake has coconut on it).

I’m having a bit of insomnia again and it’s clearly having an effect on my patience (i.e. I’m out of it). I was able to bite my tongue yesterday, though, and withstand a few very general but also very insensitive remarks – which normally would have incurred quite the wrath. You might have already guessed that I’m prone to blurt things out and be quite blunt. But, I got through it with grace and that’s no small thing. It’s all about celebrating the small things, isn’t it?

image © Aimee McEwen

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