mr. dressup, my hero


One of my favorite, favorites growing up was Mr. Dressup.  I’m just realizing now that this was a Canadian show. I’m not Canadian, but we lived so far up north and close to the border that we were able to pick up the CBC signal. It’s so funny the things you remember from childhood. I remember all the characters from the show and the twinkly piano intro.  Stories, songs, make-believe, puppets, crafts. Are there still shows like this out there? Would kids even watch this type of show nowadays? I don’t know if technology is making children smarter or stunting their creative potential (probably maybe both).

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One response to “mr. dressup, my hero”

  1. I loved that show! I don’t think they make shows like that anymore, either, which is pretty sad. Maybe one day people will realize how wonderful it was and bring those kinds of shows back…

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