This month is moving incredibly slowly. I’m glad to have this time at TDJ to do all the maintenance and organization that I have little time for October thru April but tedious tasks make me very sleepy. Add to that, there is unlimited amount of sugar in the breakroom. Lots of birthdays in July, apparently. I’m in the midst of eliminating dairy, sugar, gluten, eggs and soy… so, needless to say, no sweets for me. I’m past “craving” any of it anyhow, which is good.

I’m considering a blog break in August. Its really not that big of a deal. But I’ve been gradually wittling down TV and computer/gadget time. And, guess what? I feel better. Coincidence? It’s hard to stay out of the loop though… when people constantly try to pull you back into the loop or take offense to your absence in some way. Which is something I’ll never be able to wrap my head around. What does me not being on FB or Twitter or my blog have to do with any other person… than me? With all my “unplugged” time I thought about starting back to writing “the book” but I’m not quite ready.

There’s been an uptake in violence in my neighborhood this summer. Not an ideal situation for a hermit like me who already has issues going out of the house. There have been murders, robberies, muggings (yes, more than ONE of EACH). Just the other day I had to call the police because a man with a brick in his hand tried to block my passage on the sidewalk. I was on my second lap around the block and I had already felt leery about chancing a walk in the first place. But, I told myself it was just 45 minutes and that I’d be fine. I was fine, but it was not nearly 30 minutes of a walk (2 minutes were a full on sprint after I got around the guy and ran home – so, there’s that).

I slept light that night. I wasn’t too freaked out because he didn’t grab me or anything. Nothing bad happened and that is what I kept thinking about, and that kept me calm. You can’t do anything more than that. You have to keep living your life, bricks and all.