pinch of yum


New-to-me blog, Pinch of Yum is definitely a keeper. I am a bit of a snobbypants when it comes to blog design, photography, content. When I find myself at a new blog I check out the design and functionality first; all the bells and whistles. Then I zip though the posts, checking out the images… THEN if all is well (i.e. it doesn’t hurt my eyes) I dive into the content. At that point the writer’s voice is what will keep me there, and returning. Lindsay and Bjork’s space passed with flying colors. Lindsay is actually pretty hilarious. So, Pinch of Yum has been added to my favorites list.

Yes, it’s a food blog (smartypants). I envy food bloggers for they can do what I cannot; if I was a food blogger, I would be (how do I put this delicately…?) well, they would have to probably remove a wall of my home to get me out… by crane. Really. I have a weird relationship with food. I am in my second week of eliminating (sugar, soy, corn, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts) and I feel pretty good. Lost some poundage and a bit less achy. Blah blah blah.

I envy Pinch of Yum for another reason and this is something I WISH I did more of…content, content, content. Yeah my blog is “personal” and I’m a bit lazy with generating original content (see: kitten and beagle pictures)… but to be able to contribute original, self-generated content on a daily basis – that’s always been a lofty goal of mine. Which is not to say if you are a style blogger that talks trends or compiles roundups, or you have a personal blog where you talk about lots of different things and promote other blogs you like in the process… I don’t also love you. I totally love you.

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