“As a sideproject next to commercial work, Calango also runs a peculiar typefoundry, called Animography. It specialises in animated typefaces in the form of neatly organized Adobe After Effects files. Animography distributes animated typefaces by Calango and other designers as well. 

Franchise Animated

Unlike our other typefaces, Franchise Animated is an animated typeface by 1 type designer and 110 animators. For this specific animated typeface we have round up 110 talented animators from all over the world. We asked each one to pick a glyph and animate it using no more than 4 colors, 25 frames and a 500 x 600 px canvas in Adobe After Effects. The animators had complete freedom to work their magic within those 25 frames. The result is a wide variety of styles and techniques. The color palette and letterforms tie it all together. 

The file contains all the keyframes, expressions and artwork from the artists. This makes it a great learning source for motion students and professionals.”

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I remember being in college (a hundred years ago) and wanting to learn animation (Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects etc.) after a presentation given by my Intro to Web Design professor. It was fourth year and I was starving… with no money for additional classes (or RENT for that matter) so, I pressed on…got my degree and hoped somehow I’d fall into a job that paid the bills (Oh, hello school loan payments!) and learn the software on my own… which after 7 years, a divorce and an additional 8 years (but who’s counting…) still has yet to happen.

Yeah, I’m a print designer / illustrator with only a small (microscopic) amount of experience with web stuff. But, I’m already making plans for the new year… lots of learnin’ to do. There are so many more opportunities now to teach yourself just about anything. From sites like Skillshare, endless blog tutorials, even YouTube. Everything I need is right here in front of me, so no excuses! Over the next few months I will be creating my “core curriculum” for 2014. My list / chart / mindmap making addiction continues…

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