Yep, pulled a huge “AIMEE” yesterday and fell straight on my back… in the kitchen… on the tile. I wish I could say the floor was slippery or the kitten was underfoot or I was running away from imaginary dinosaurs – but none of that happened. I was standing just outside the back door as Mac tiptoed around the backyard (it is soggy with rain and my dog is a prissypants) when I somehow lost my balance and fell straight backwards… the door was not latched, so BOOM…me on the kitchen floor, feet still partly outside… while the kitten made a run for it. I imagine he spring boarded off my tummy to his freedom…


Very sore and bruised but nothing is broken. The kitten eventually made his way back into the house and I limped around until I decided to go to bed (early). I was already limping around with severe hip pain (since Monday) so I am sure that it was a contributing factor to my spill. As always, it could have been worse. I can’t remember the last time my arthritis acted up like this and that’s a good thing. With all this wet weather I was about due for some spectacular gimptasticalness. Tah Dah!

I laugh because it’s all you can do.

A couple times a year I hobble around like an 80 year old and there is not a damn thing I can do about it, so why not laugh? It’s funny when the dog impatiently waits for me at the top of the stairs while I navigate each step in slow motion. It’s hilarious when every single thing the kitten has knocked off my desk and played soccer with stays on the floor for a week because I sure as hell cannot pick it up. Putting pants on is THE MOST FUN; trying to figure out which leg is more cooperative (neither). I can lift each leg about 3 inches off the floor when I probably need 4 inches to get my toes in the vicinity of a pant leg. You should all be jealous of the time I’m having over here (wobbling about, at the mercy of my ever-present nemesis… GRAVITY).

Staying positive helps. 

It really does. If I feel like I’m going to lose it (pain makes me a bit loony after a while) I will watch a movie I’ve seen a thousand times (it comforts me), or throw the ball in the house for Mac to chase. I can prop myself up and read blogs or write in my notebook, make plans for when I’m fully mobile, doodle in my sketch book, organize my upcoming blog posts. Visualize things, like walking to the kitchen in under 5 minutes. I talk to the dog a lot, he always knows when I am hurting and likes to snuggle next to me on the couch.

Moving right along.

Getting up and ready in the morning is the hardest part of my day but I do it because detailed tasks are a terrific distraction from pain. And, today we had a baby shower at work and that was fun. I always try to make it through baby showers without hearing “you’re NEXT!!”. Almost made it this time… almost. I just recently joined a Facebook group I learned about over at Jess Lively’s blog called the With Intention Morning Club. Basically, you take 60 minutes each morning to focus your attention on three areas (Mental, Physical, Spiritual).  You can read more about it here. I am going to try it for a week and see how I feel.