tangerine trees and marmalade skies


…where rocking horse people eat (gluten free) marshmallow pies…

Today was Beatles day… for me, anyway. I’ve got a lot going on that requires complete concentration so I have to have ear buds fully engaged. For a few days I listened to Nine Inch Nails (matched my mood) but once I got all that out of my system I switched today to The Beatles.  Work is going swimmingly, in case you were wondering… probably not though, huh? I downloaded the above image free from Shutterstock  and only posted it ‘cuz it’s pretty (I added the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… part). In other news, I’m nearly to the point of designing my calendars for 2014. Every year I do something different according to my interests. I’m not sure why I don’t also update my 2013 calendars’ dates and make them available. They sold just fine. Hmmm.

Honestly, I just get tired of the old stuff. I mean, I use my calendars all year too. We’ll see (if you’re good and don’t ask for anything else – fake parenting humor).

I’m well on my way to learning some new skills since deciding that 2014 will be a sort of Renaissance period for me. I’m still putting together a type of curriculum to follow. And that includes reading materials. I’ve become a bit of a Danielle LaPorte stalker. She’s a lot more touchy feely than I am, but I’m still into most of her messages (because she throws F-Bombs almost as much as I do). I skipped on over from her blog to Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. Getting my ass in gear to write “the book”. Woohoo. And tomorrow is Friday.

Fuck yeah (told you).

There are a few topics, other than book proposals, that I need to read up on. One of the most important is Gluten Intolerance. Which apparently I have. Because I have everything, dontchya know? It feels almost douchey for me to admit it, I mean, every blogger I know seems to have this problem. But I’ll try to keep my gluten-free complainy stuff to a minimum. I feel much better now that it’s not in my diet. I’m “happier” and it stands to reason that because I’m feeling better I will be less complainy… but, c’mon people… it’s still ME over here. At least I’ll be able to take advantage of all the gluten-free foodie blogs out there. I’m going to post a desktop wallpaper tomorrow for you, nothing to do with gluten though!

Don’t forget!

(And, I somehow made it through this whole post without mentioning the new Muppet movie!  What!?)

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