illustration by Jessica Borutski

On my way to work this morning I saw the cutest senior couple walking together hand in hand. Then I wondered to myself, “When was the last time I did something like that?” I can’t remember when that was. I chalked it up to my “independence”. I’m just not a hand holder, I decided. But, then, while stopped at a red light, I pondered…(yeah PONDERED) maybe it’s easier to walk like that?… maybe you fall down less?

Then, I was like, WHOA… (and, whoops, green light means go!).

I was still thinking about this concept when I got into work, then I thought about otters. Which makes sense.

I listened to a lot of Beatles music yesterday, and sang HELP! most of last night – to the dog… who is not a fan. I’m such a wierdo. He’ll get used to it.

Life is best walked with a hand to hold.

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