It’s a peculiar freedom that allows me to be when and where I want to be. There are no activities, doctor appointments, or trips to the store that are not at least mostly for my own purpose. I have time to get bored, to goof off (and, ahem, Photoshop pictures of myself).

I am unscheduled. This is what it’s like when you are sans hubby or younglings. In a lot of ways it seems like a life like this isn’t evolving as quickly as those that have a brood to be brooding about.

There’s no wobbly penciled growth chart on any of my walls, but if there were it would list my own growth spurts “college, marriage, divorce, made it to (anywhere) on time, bills (nearly) paid, stopped worrying, made friends with myself, fell in love”.

Instead of life happening to me, I would prefer I happened to IT. Doesn’t always work out that way. Who knows… we all end up weird anyway, some of us just get there a little sooner than the rest.

image © Aimee McEwen

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