clementine daily

Read about Erin (Design for Mankind) Loechner’s new venture over at
her blog and definitely check out Clementine Daily.

I usually do not re-post things that everybody else is blogging about. The first reason is, that it feels lame but another reason is that not very many people read this blog. Like, tens of people read this blog (I am not ashamed to admit it). My old blog got a lot more visitors but it was around nearly four years and most of the visits were merely echoes; passersby via Pinterest or other random web searches. I know that some bloggers parrot other blogs in order to piggy back the traffic but I feel that is a bit disingenuous. So, to clarify, I’m not re-posting this for any other reason than I like it, I like Erin and I love new bloggy/designy/web spaces and after checking out the site and the contributors it really is a space that I can see myself relating to and being inspired by.

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