bee brave


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Bees!  Grass.  OUCH.

This sums up my morning. Lately, there are giant buzzy things swarming my house every day. I don’t even know if they are really bees. They were in full gear this morning, though… whizzing back and forth. I closed the front door, locked it (mentally took picture of locking door so that I didn’t have to walk back from the car to check the handle), turned around, assessed the “bee” situation (I’m f*cked), decided to just make a break for the car, took two steps, rolled my ankle and smacked my knee on sidewalk. I was already running late. Not even going to go into why. After I didn’t faint from smacking my knee (hey, it’s happened before.) I willed myself to get back up (because BEES!) and limped to the car.

Last year while walking the dog a bee stung me on my neck– all jugular-style, I was 2 blocks from home… wondering if I was allergic and trying not to freak out. Thankfully, nothing stung me today. Although, my pride is slightly bruised. Could have been way worse. Perspective.

Last night I lay (laid?) awake thinking about my book. I cried a little, anxious about how to start/re-start the process. Worrying about nothing, I’m sure. Worrying about what might happen while assuredly nothing (can) happen. What’s the worst that could happen? I’ve been stung in the NECK by a damn bee. Thwarted a man holding a brick. Bit on the lip by a beagle pup! Survived a humiliating divorce and 2+ years of online frigging dating, LIVED THROUGH COUNTLESS (about 19) winters in CNY… I’m basically Wolverine. Really.


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