Every year this tree/bush thing in the back yard blooms. It’s probably an azalea because those are really hard to kill and anything that survives my backyard has to be hard to kill. It’s a cloudy day, and cool for once. I love this weather. Not that I’ve ventured outside much, except to take a picture of the pink alien tree. Mac hid under the bed twice today before noon because he is quite certain he is getting a bath. He is actually getting a bath but it will be a sneak attack, like it is every time. In the next few weeks I will be attempting to take my office back from the kitten (he is in my “office” when I am not home). He’s nearly 6 months old now and I miss having my own workspace. My work table went into my bedroom and my computer went downstairs to my living room. It feels a bit schizophrenic.

I posted 3 new 2014 printable calendars in the shop this week, the printable planners have been updated for the 2014 calendar year AND, the Living Small workbook now includes a junior size with the letter size; yes, you get both! Amazing, I know (don’t get used to it). I had a bunch of requests for the workbook in the smaller size so I figured “what the heck” and set one up. Lots of flowery stuff in the shop right now, which is new for me. I prefer things to be plain but, I just felt more into botanicals this year. It might be a side effect of all my research into gluten-free eating and going more natural with the products I use/consume on a daily basis. I’m a wee bit obsessed (sorry, watching a lot of LOTR lately) with home remedies and natural skincare formulas. Not a bad thing. Not compared to the other less desirable consequences of gluten-free living. I won’t go there but I’d like to “go” sometime, if you get my meaning. 😦 Working on it. Admittedly, I am a huge baby that takes forever to adjust to change. At this point, if I get stupid and eat gluten (see earlier statement about adjusting to change) I have a bad reaction. It feels a little bit like an allergy, in the way that there is discomfort. It’s difficult to deal with since I work in the LAND OF PEACH COBBLER or so it seems, there is even a “bakery fund”. I’ll pay if they stop bringing cupcakes, cookies and cobblers into work, how about that?….and WHY do all sweets start with a “C”?


I’m going to add a new tab at the top of the page for health, wellness, skincare & haircare posts so you can follow all my misadventures (and triumphs!). I have very sensitive skin, so my goal is to develop a regimen that fits my (many) needs. And, THANKFULLY, my hair has grown in a lot since last year’s medication debacle. I honestly thought it never would come back but with the added vitamins and nutrients of my modified diet there has been a surge of growth during these last few months. Basically that means a lot of bad hair days (what do I even do with all of it?) but you won’t catch me complaining; not one bit.

I’ve just now peeked outside and the sun is trying to eek it’s way past the clouds. Next, I have shopping to do. Nothing glamorous, just more vegetable and a keg of prune juice (bleh). I’m also going to go buy some DIRT, for to plant herby things. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this time of year? Oh, and here is a decent picture of the “fairy door tree”. It’s going to be ADORABLE.


images © Aimee McEwen