I’m posting so many cat-relating things lately, I’m not turning into a cat person… I swear. When I got the kitten, I truly had forgotten what it was like to have such a nimble and curious creature tumbling about the house. My older cat is basically furniture. Misha frequently perches himself on my desk and watches everything. Last night, he sat on my keyboard and woke up the computer… and him side-by-side with the grumpy cat wallpaper… well, you get it.

I’m really not a cat person. Although my acute insomnia could persuade you to think otherwise. I’m still not sleeping much. Last night I fought through what felt like an eternity… asleep, awake, asleep, awake… the worst part was I was dreaming a little then awake and it was very disorienting. Tomorrow (Saturday) might be the day I finally crash. I can feel a heaviness that is a bit like I’m swimming around in a honey jar (mentally and physically). Someone at work suggested I try melatonin. So, I’m going to try it for a while.

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