making christmas :: faux globe

christmastimeinabottleIt was a crafty weekend for me. Well, at least Saturday was. Sunday was lay-on-the-couch-and-eat-all-the-chocolate day. And, how do you know when egg nog is expired? (urp)

I’ll recount my projects here up until Christmas, since none of the recipients are likely to read this. And IF they do… well they can just act surprised. Being obsessed with “gifts in a jar” this year, the faux snow globe was my first project. It’s a quart size mason jar (smooth sides), some silver spray glitter, buffalo snow, bottle brush tree, pewter lid (jar comes with a gold lid but I replaced it with a distressed pewter lid) e6000 holds it all together and then a ribbon and glitter snowflake helps reinforce the vintage sparkle. There is no liquid in this project and the only mess you’ll have is from the buffalo snow (which acts more like a translucent silver leaf once it makes friends with the spray glitter inside the jar, so leaf…I mean LEAVE a bare spot for the tree to show through).  I ended up adding the snow then wiping some out of the tree area. It reminds me a little bit of mercury glass (mirrored glass), now that I look at it. I’m quite pleased with the result, even if it was an experiment this go ’round.

There are SO many tutorials for this type of project on the web that I’m not going to break it down again here. I’m calling mine “Christmastime in a Bottle“, though… in case anyone asks. I have more trees and snow so I’ll make at least two more. They might even make their way into the new shop or at least some version of them. If you MUST have a tutorial you can search “Anthropologie inspired jar snow globe”. That should yield a good bit of results. Some people have used epsom salts for snow, which I think is brilliant! My goal was to have a “frosted” looking jar and lonely little tree, which I find more “quiet” feeling than the larger trees (or group of trees) and calming to look at.

image © Aimee McEwen

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