jameshance.comIf you’re new around these parts you probably aren’t familiar with my complete and undying love of all things that James Hance creates. There’s not enough time to go through all the reasons that this sweet, dear and talented person is at the top of my list of all lists of all things. Maybe it’s because he creates thoughtful and witty tributes to my favorite childhood memories. It could also be that sometimes it feels like his work was plucked straight from my head and made real. But mostly, I think it’s because there is no one in the world like him and I’m just so very glad for that.

James creates many things, but the first “hancey” creation that I came across, gosh maybe 4 years ago, was his book Wookiee the Chew. It’s a darling mash up of Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars. It is smartly written, adorably illustrated… and now, because James is THAT wonderful there are little plush Chews to be had (well, actually, I am pretty sure they sold out immediately – next time gadget).

You can learn more about Mr. Hance’s relentlessly cheerful projects over on his blog. He shares silliness and behind the scenes peeks of most of his work.


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