The past week has been more stressful than I anticipated. I have been camped out on the couch either with Mac laying in my lap or snoring next to me in his crate. He had one bandage change 4 days ago and he will go again to have fresh bandages put on tomorrow. His ten day follow up is not until Saturday. I have no idea how his bandage would ever last more than 3 days. Its pretty gross after only 2. I’ve had to miss a lot of work this past week, which is not ideal since the bandage changes cost $30 a pop. I am at the point now that as long as nobody asks me how Mac is I won’t cry. Obviously, I haven’t been sleeping or eating enough, which makes things harder to deal with. But he only has four or five more weeks until full recovery. I’m so sensitive about these types of things. Some people are able to be all matter of fact and not get emotional. And here I am walking around like a bundle of raw nerves or worse yet… a puddle of worry.

Since Camp Couch-Alot isn’t even on the same floor as my office I am posting this from my tablet. I’m not going to lie… one paragraph in and my arm is cramping. For me, posting on this blog is stress relief. Drawing/sketching is also stress relief but, as you can see, it didn’t help much over the weekend:

crappyrabbitYeah I censored it but you can still tell he’s flipping me the bird. I named him Crappy Rabbit (if anyone asks). Also, I call these doodles… screwdles… since they start off okay then take a bad turn. Usually, when I draw… it’s cute things… but really whatever I draw is dictated by my mood. So, there you have it.

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