the pet shop

My life is pet-centric, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m not “obsessed” but I do love them very very much. I do talk to them like they totally understand everything I say, and consider them family. I don’t, however, have any artwork hanging in my house in homage to beagles or siamese cats. I’m not much of a hoarder collector of themed knick knacks. Honestly, every tchotchke in my home was gifted to me. The idea of the gift is what makes those things meaningful. I’m just not a random decorative object type of person. Putting things up on my walls is a “big deal” and most of the walls are either bare or they have empty frames hanging… for me to think about. That’s a little strange, I know.


When I visited The Pet Shop, a tiny division of Yellow Brick Home, my thought was “Yes, I want THAT (or something LIKE that)”. I loved clicking through their gallery. It’s inspired me to revisit the whole empty frame situation. Every Spring I end up giving at least one corner of my tiny townhouse a facelift. I fixate and brainstorm and doodle and create pin boards and wander around paint and hardware stores. I have zero budget for such obsessions but that never has slowed me down, much.

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