snoozles (happy friday)

Another adorable picture for you of my brother’s new puppy. This little Twoodle is completely crashed out under what I can only guess is “the coolest fricking coffee table in the history of ever”. It’s like, made out of an actual tree, you guys.

My big brother, Joe, lives way up north in New York. I live in sunny Florida. Joe likes to text me really cool pictures of foliage, animals – wild and domestic, cool handmade furniture, rainbows… sunsets (he lives in the woods, basically). This morning he sent me pictures of (fresh) snow and the sunrise with a caption: It’s 25 degrees. I could have sent him back a picture of grass and told him it was 60 degrees here, but that would be mean.

I’m so glad it’s Friday, y’all.

image © my big brother, Joe D. (the woods is his office)

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