I feel like I visited the eye doctor more than any other doctor when I was young. Like, in grade school young. It was decided that I was just a very squinty child and I did not ask my Mom to get me glasses until my sophomore year of high school. I was struggling in Spanish class and, you know, you can’t just “wing it” in Spanish class.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with wearing glasses. I feel hidden while wearing them (hate that) but I can actually see farther than 3 feet when I wear them (love that). My natural frumpiness is exaggerated by glasses and I have a weird thing about making eye contact (it’s almost non-existent with me).


My first contact lenses didn’t happen until my late 20’s. When I wore contacts I felt like I was actually seeing myself and that other people could see me too. I stopped wearing contacts a few years ago when I realized my eyes were dry and irritated by the end of a workday. And, the expense of contacts was not ideal. I broke down and got a pair of glasses and have saved the contacts for “special occasions”.  It’s time now for a new prescription and new frames, gosh it’s expensive to get new specs! But I am ready for a change.

I’ve read quite a few blog reviews for Rivet & Sway glasses and finally got a set of frames to “test drive”. I chose 5 pairs and have narrowed it down to these two (I think):


…Rizzo in Black Crystal


…and Ticker Tape in Toffee

I made good use of R&S’s stylist service, uploaded a selfie and got 5 suggested pairs for my face shape/width. It was a very easy process although it took about 5 days to get their suggestions (by email) which was okay, I was in no rush. At $169 for the first pair and $99* for each additional pair it’s likely I will get both the RIzzo and the Ticker Tape or just Rizzo in two different colors. Isn’t that funny? I “hate” wearing glasses and now I’ll have 2 pairs to wear depending on my mood? I feel like a movie star… an awkward, frumpy, nearsighted movie star, but still.

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