week one Whole30

Just  quick post to update my Whole30 progress. Not a lot to report except that I feel much better overall. My inflammation is subsiding, I sleep more comfortably and I have not had a reaction to anything I’ve eaten in the last seven days.  I’ve planned out another week of food and even prepped most things on Sunday. Which is much easier than having to cook a whole meal every day after work.

According to the Whole30 timeline the next few days will be the most difficult. It’s hard to say if my results are typical though, since I stopped consuming gluten about 2 months ago and shortly thereafter I cut dairy. I’m hopeful that means my experience will be mild, compared to those that went cold turkey. All in all I’ve been a good mood, or less moody – however you want to look at it. Saturday I was in a really great mood, which was strange considering that my dog’s vet bill on Friday was HUGE.

But when you wake up to this face how can you NOT be in a great mood??mac3

I do find that I am missing the sugar in my coffee. Black coffee does not taste good, let’s be honest. I’ve been very diligent about drinking a lot of water during the day, which is also one of the reasons I feel so much better. Nobody drinks enough water.

Hey you… go drink some water.

image: Webvilla via unsplash



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