wild apple magazine

I’m not a fan of recipe hacks. You know, the ones. SUPER YUMMY (GLUTEN FREE) CUPCAKES. While I’m doing my Whole30 I cannot do grains of any kind so there are no cupcakes in my near or distant future. Since overhauling my diet, I haven’t been searching out substitutions for desserts or treats. What I HAVE been doing is looking for entrées that are inherently gluten-free but still AMAZING, and DELICIOUS, even YUMMY.

LASTDAYSOFSUMMERby_Tara Donnerge“The Last Days of Summer” by Tara Donne

My favorite blogger, Ez Pudewa, tweeted about a kickstarter project for Wild Apple Magazine  so I checked it out. I really love the way they explain their concept of gluten-free living…

In Wild Apple, we train our eye to gorgeous, indulgent and useful food. Our recipes unfold through the seasons, with a focus on what’s available and natural. Our magazine will share love letters to friendly grains, simple snack ideas, well-tested recipes for classics, and menus with which to entertain friends or easily create weeknight meals. It will also cover inspiring international travel, city guides, profiles on interesting creative people, and roundups of beauty products…

HEIRLOOMby_Tara Donne“Heirloom” by Tara Donne

Most importantly it’s not all cake and cookies, thank goodness.  I should not be eating that stuff regardless of how “safe” it is for me. I’m not a sweets person. I’ve always leaned more toward the savory dishes. I’m really looking forward to Wild Apple reaching their goal and turning out a beautiful publication. (somewhere around Sept. 2014)

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