oh, hunny


Mini Whole30 update: Yesterday I decided that I would have a gluten-free birthday cake next month for my 38th. I searched online for local bakeries, thought about making it myself. It’s not a “huge deal”. I’m not having a party or anything. But I fixated on birthday cake(s) for a good hour, hour and a half… then lemon bars… then chocolate ice cream. I was clearly needing a snack. I ate an apple. (yawn)

I will be making some kind of GF dessert after my Whole30. I’m not a dessert person, so this tells me (at day 18) I am definitely missing sugar. Particularly HONEY, which was what I was using before I started this whole endeavor. The last week or so I’ve been stressed, worrying about silly things. Maybe that is the reason I’m thinking about sweet stuff? I eat fruit daily, so there’s no worry that I’m not getting “sugar”. I totally am: strawberries, apples, citrus, pineapples, bananas, raspberries, blueberries.  I’ve got the “limited fruit” thing down cold.

It’s stormy today. I’m stormy today. I like it when things coincide like that, don’t you? WHEN not IF I make my first dessert I will post the results here. For now, I will drink another glass of water and stare down the tiny Macintosh Apple I keep on my desk for “emergencies”.

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