weeks three and four Whole30

strawberries_fractl-mfIt’s day # 28 of my Whole30 adventure. My third and fourth weeks were “okay”. I did start to get a little “bored” with my lunches and dinners and I have been thinking A LOT about what the first “sweet” thing would be after day 30 (Mmmm, lemon bars). I decided it will just be raw honey in my tea/coffee. I’m definitely not adding dairy back in (I’ll miss you, Noosa) and no gluten, of course. I imagine I will be adding some gluten free bread (eventually), even though I hate most of it. Bleh. Oh and I will NEVER eat another dried apricot as long as I live.  Don’t ask.

Ok, I’ve been eating a little too much fruit.

I reevaluated my meal template and I’ve been consuming probably 1 and a half times more fruit than I should. Meaning that in June (my whole9 starts in June) I am cutting way back on fruit. No biggie.

I’m pretty comfortable planning and prepping my meals. My knife skills have greatly improved (they could not have gotten any WORSE, that’s for sure). And I’ve only burned myself twice in the past week. Progress.

As a side note, my friends have noticed that I’m “glowy” lately. I take this to mean I look healthier (and not just greasy, ha!). One person mentioned a pregnancy glow… um…yeah…no. But I understand the comparison and I’m glad that people see an improvement, even if I don’t see it. I haven’t had any reactions to food in the past 2 weeks (never mind the dried apricots) because I’ve kept things really simple since the beet incident of Week 2. More importantly, my inflammation continues to lessen; the only pain I have is from actual exercise. I KNOW! Obviously there are no marathons in my near future but I’m fine with slow and steady progress. Just fine.

I’m finding that my biggest frustration lately is the questions I get from people not familiar with Whole30 or food sensitivities in general. It’s very difficult for some to understand that I’ve not gone to all this “trouble”  the last 28 days in order to lose weight. “How much have you lost so far?” is a common, if not the first, question I get (usually after declining a lunch invite). If I’ve lost anything it’s just water weight… because my inflammation has gone down so drastically… BECAUSE I AM NOT EATING FOODS THAT TRIGGER THAT INFLAMMATION. Is it really THAT hard to grasp the concept that each person has a unique system and that certain foods, while acceptable for some, just don’t work for other people?

I really don’t care if people understand why, or think I’m stupid or that this is some kind of trendy thing I’m doing. My results in just four weeks of clean eating override anyone’s opinions (or assumptions).

And, that’s the exact reason I’m not outlining my food plan here on the blog. What works for me might not work for you. Whole30 is about the process of finding out what DOES work for each individual.

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