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jeltovskiTo me, June in Florida means the start of summer and I just love it, despite it coinciding with the start of hurricane season. June in North Florida is mild compared to July and August; breezy and comfortable at night… sun showers in the daytime… when everything seems washed clean, shiny and happy.

My birthday comes along at the end of June, and I’m looking forward to it. Much more than last year, anyway. Last year, feeling stuck, stifled and weak after a bout with flu, I basically canceled my birthday. I cheered up a bit after that and the rest of the summer was pretty good.

I cut out gluten in the beginning of August.

After a few good months, the holidays slowly unraveled all my hard work. By February of this year I was very ill and I knew I had to get back on track. Recommitting to gluten-free eating was my main priority, then cutting dairy and, finally, I started my Whole30.

What a difference a month of clean eating has made.

I’m feeling consistently well, in a way I have not experienced before. No doubt, it’s the way I am eating… sleeping… living. My inflammation is almost nil and, yes, I’ve lost some weight… but it’s nothing compared to what I’ve gained: clarity, and a focus on wellness that is becoming my new normal.

I’m healing, not healed.

My Whole30 “ended” 7 days ago. I reintroduced a few things in the past week: honey, sushi (once), even bought a bottle of wine (just because the label is gorgeous) but I didn’t drink any of it. In the mornings, when I’m getting ready for work, I catch glimpses of a me I’ve not seen in a while. I’m just plain happier.

Wellness is freedom.

If you’re wondering about starting your own Whole30, I cannot say for certain that it will help you. All I know is it’s working really well for me. I’m convinced that if I hadn’t already cut the gluten and dairy weeks before starting my 30 days of clean eating, I would not have succeeded. Maybe the gradual step down instead of all at once is what helped everything click for me? I will continue to eat Whole30-ish for the rest of the Summer.

Keep you posted!

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