spiritsoflavendarI woke up today with a thought at the very front of my brain: “What cannot be unsaid or unwritten can be acknowledged and forgiven.” I must have had some really cathartic dreams last night to have such a pressing and emotion-driven phrase looping in and out of my mind, interrupting my morning routine.

I do know this.
If ever you are stuck… remembering terrible things that people have said or done to you, acknowledge that they happened and forgive. And, I know, sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself. But, do it anyway. All the past hurt, all the hateful words, all the shame… do not carry it around with you. It will squash all the light from your life, it will devour all the love you don’t feel worthy of. The bad things that happen to us do not define us.  Our strength to overcome them does.

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