18again1It’s my birthday today! I had surprises waiting on my desk for me this morning when I got to work. I LOVE EVERYBODY. And, wore my new favorite shirt yesterday (thanks for the BDAY $, mom!)


I actually started celebrating yesterday, as I always do. See, my divorce was finalized on June 22nd so it’s kinda like I have two birthdays. The official one, and the day I became officially untethered. 9 years, free. I had a really nice day yesterday, happy.

Today I’ll celebrate quietly. No cake, unfortunately. Not even if it was gluten-free, my tummy is still not quite better. I’m treating 38 like it’s the new 18 (hence the selfie, taken almost at the end of my Whole30 in May).

I was more free and fearless at 18 than ever, so here’s to THAT! And, did I already mention I LOVE EVERYBODY? Cuz, I totally do.

images © Aimee McEwen

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  1. Happy Birthday 🙂

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