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I woke up in a cheerful mood this morning, in spite of myself. I’ve had some pain the last few days and I was feeling a bit loony but I’ve taken ibuprofen every 4 hours for the last 2 1/2 days and I’m at least mobile. I’ll start my next Whole30 tomorrow. After 2 relapses in the last month, I was beginning to feel like a science experiment. I’m glad to go back to restricting most problem foods and by August I should be feeling pretty awesome again.

pen-friendI’ve been hunting down a lot of (inspirational) quotes lately. I really like Pinterest for that. I found Sharna Martorello’s work through instagram though. I LOVE SWOOPY BLACK INK HANDWRITTEN ANYTHING. Seriously, it could be a grocery list… and I would still love it. Ms. Martorello’s print shop, Pen Friend, has something for just about everyone.

My Mom’s handwriting is my favorite, though. For the home office reboot I plan on taking some of her handwriting and blowing it up to hang in a frame.

I always go back to one particular letter she wrote me when I was struggling at college (anxiety issues and I have a habit of being a bit “stormy”)

I don’t know what’s bothering you and it probably is none of my business, but I do wish things or whatever is upsetting you was over.

Life is too short to let things bring you down. Now is the time in your life that you should be enjoying yourself, experiencing new ideas and putting them to good use.

We want you to be happy and have a good time in college but it sounds like you’re not. Just be yourself and try not to let things bother you so much. If you take a positive outlook on what is going on around you, you might see a lighter side of things.

I’m not lecturing you, I just want you to be happy. Everything may seem dark to you now and you are down on yourself but there is and will be a brighter day only if you want it and accept each day as it comes.

You are bright, talented and a very giving person. Live each day with a positive outlook. Also, you are a beautiful girl who has a lot to give– if only you would allow yourself to. Please be happy.

Love You,

– I should read this letter every day (sniff, sniff… love you too, Mom).

Sharna Martorello images via Pen Friend

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