florals-lifeWhere there is love there is life.

A quote from Gandhi, I’m THAT person now… I quote Gandhi and stuff.

Not really. I’m just in a process of reorganizing  my creative/personal spaces and there are two themes I’m noticing: love and flowers (or flowers and love). I tend to be highly allergic to both… ironically enough.

This weekend I’ve got to clean out my closets and toss/donate a bunch of clothing to make room for new and properly fitting things. Nothing really fits right now. In fact, I’m pretty sure my cat is currently at home sleeping on a big fat fluffy mess of shirts and pants that I never plan on wearing ever again.

As I was beginning this process of streamlining my wardrobe (which is mostly pajamas), my life and my future I decided to do a mini facelift on the blog. I created an initial cap… a mix of organic and geometric with a “musical aesthetic” blah, blah, blah. I will be adjusting some of the categories/blog series’ and shifting my focus a bit; supporting the aforementioned recurring themes.

Each year that I’ve done this “blogging thing” I’ve learned more about myself. I want to write more essays and share more of my work with the strangers (hi there!) that pop in from Pinterest or Twitter or wherever. To be honest, I’m actually a bit terrified of that idea. I tend to keep my posts super brief because I wonder who’ll care enough to stay and read an essay? I also have a twinge of remorse whenever I post anything “too weird” or “too personal”. I worry I’ll come off as some kind of narcissistic a-hole if every post I write is about me, my thoughts or my projects.

Then I remember that I created this blog as a place to express myself, and as a placeholder for all my weirdness, and so that other weirdos might find it and maybe share some of their weirdness right back.

And, by weirdness I mean life and by sharing I mean love.

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