it’s all good

Mac survived Fourth of July weekend! He cuddled up with me on the couch while I watched a few movies. No biggie. I haven’t posted many pictures of him on the blog lately, not since his surgery/recovery. I do post an “obscene amount” of pet pictures on my instagram and facebook, though.


I realize this makes me seem pet-crazy, perhaps a little lonely, and yeah… wierd(ish). But there are good reasons why there are SO MANY pictures of my furry children:

1. I’m a hermit and I spend most of my time with 2 cats and a dog. I concede to the possibility that I probably spend TOO much time with them.

2. I’m not very comfortable taking pictures of people then posting them on my pages/spaces… I would have to ask permission and all that. My pets have approved contracts giving me rights to their likenesses and by contracts I mean DELICIOUS TREATS.

3. It NEVER gets old (for me). I love them.

So… just to re-iterate:     pet-crazy (yes)     lonely (never)     weird (obviously)

Are we clear? Good. Now GO and have a LOVELY weekend!

© Aimee McEwen