As a person that works with vectors on a daily basis, I’m geeking out a little bit over this Vimeo about the origins of Adobe Illustrator and how a (completely brilliant) computer scientist developed the application to help his graphic designer wife and other creatives work smarter. Essentially redefining the future of graphic design and visual communications.

I work in a production environment (art dept., commercial printer). My job is technical and I love it. I have a traditional art and graphic design background so I can appreciate how long things used to take compared to now. I have terrible hand skills (it’s infuriating) so the development of graphics software like Adobe Illustrator rescued me from a lesser vocation (of which I have no example because I’ve wanted to be a graphic designer since the age of eight).

Because I work in a production environment I can tell you that while the process has been streamlined it’s also become extrinsically more complicated – due to the fact that anyone with a computer can “create” something without the basic knowledge of what is correct or incorrect (by production standards).

Someday I’ll have to write a post or a series of posts with tips on designing for production. My best advice, though? Hire a designer with knowledge of prepress production (like me!).

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