dear october

Oh, how I love the start of the holiday season (that’s you, October). It’s only the 2nd day and I’ve already eaten more candy than actual food. I heard a rumor that this weekend we (here in North Florida) are scheduled for some cooler weather. It’s about damn time. Afterall, there’s an entire menu of slow cooker recipes that I need to dive into and I’ve compiled a list of at least five different ways to prepare squash, roast nuts, and bake apples.

October, will be full of work and play; of memory making and things remembered. We’ll celebrate with pumpkin-themed food and drink; electric purple, orange and green treats will beckon us (c’mon, you had ONE…what’s FIVE more going to hurt?). I will try really hard not to “over do it” this year (that’s the trick!). What I’d prefer to do is keep things simple as the year winds down. October is the beginning of the end; a glittery sugar-fueled prelude to a fervently nostalgic finale.

Let’s enjoy the time we have together and be more present…take longer breaks from our devices, be more patient, untether a bit from online “obligations” – yes, even our blogs– and, instead, write letters from the heart on actual paper using complete sentences. Let’s laugh more, complain less and strive to be more kind to ourselves and others.

Let’s begin, shall we?



image credit:
The Masque of the Four Seasons by Walter Crane (c. 1903-9), more works here.

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