I’ve spent weeks feeling under the weather. Feeling MUCH better now even though I’ve missed so much…stuff. I haven’t really missed much though, have I? It just feels that way. This tiny corner of the internet is visited by a terribly small number of people and I can’t say that bothers me very much. I’m not great with “attention”,  having a readership would increase feelings of obligation, and obligation makes me itchy. Still, I am happy to be posting here and catching all ten of you up on my happenings. Let’s see.

I read a book!
YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler
. It was funny and honest. And since I liked it so much I decided I would read one book each month for the rest of the year. A real-life book…no ebooks or kindle downloads. I covet books, which is HILARIOUS…since I’m not much of a reader.  Of course, I am open to suggestions if anyone has a book they loved…let me know. For me, shopping aimlessly in a bookstore is completely overwhelming. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. It’s a bit nerve wracking so I usually choose a book…go to store…buy book…run back to my car.

newMAKEUPI switched my makeup!
It feels silly to add an exclamation point there and even sillier that I’m talking about makeup but it’s NEWS so, yeah, I decided to try airbrush (luminess) and I cannot lie to you. IT’S FREAKING AMAZING. I have scars, blotchiness and acne. The airbrush covers very well, lasts all day and the application is much more natural looking than traditional liquid foundation application. I’ve always had “bad skin” and my self esteem has suffered because of it. If this is something you also struggle with, I think you should give airbrush makeup a try.

I paid off a credit card!
This is a funny one, because I went a very long time without credit cards after my divorce and once I felt okay enough to get a credit card…I kinda went a leetle credit happy.  Just happy, not crazy…so I dialed down the happy and started to rein in my spendiness last year. After my beagle needed surgery, I realized that I have to be more frugal…in case of emergencies like dog surgery or car repair or gelato.  One card down…just a “few” more to go.

I’m learning web development!
I’m not a web designer…I dabble with WordPress (if 5 years can be considered dabbling) but it’s always been a lazy learning curve for me. I design for print and create files for websites and email marketing but I’ve never gotten into the nuts and bolts of website building.  It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I’m just not happy in my work if I’m not learning something and it’s about time to stretch my thinking apparatus and grow my knowledge.

I created a new website!
[This post has a cringe worthy amount of sentences that start with “I” and for that, I apologize. This post is one of those spontaneous get these words out of my brain so that I can focus on my work and get shit done posts and if I can just get through these few things I feel like I can begin the real work on the real stuff I WANT to be doing.] okay…where was I?

AAACK! I created a website  (step one of my learn cool stuff initiative)
When I have organized my thoughts into a more reader friendly format I will share more about the new place/space. While I was sick and fighting off bronchitis I struggled with a lot of negative self talk and discouraging thoughts like: WHY ARE YOU CREATING ANOTHER SITE? WHO IS EVEN GOING TO READ IT OR EVEN CARE ABOUT IT? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ANYWAY? EVERYBODY HAS A BLOG AND YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL…etcetera, etcetera.

Point is, that crap is not going to stop me from creating something I love and sharing it with people.  My 2015 is about saying yes, being open, starting something! I’ll leave this list where it’s at for now. It was a busy day and my brain feels a bit wobbly. Just know that I am feeling better, I am doing better, feeling positive about future projects, and looking forward to sharing those projects with eleven, maybe twelve, of you. Thanks for reading about it.

image credits: Aimee McEwen

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