I spent quality time with Mac today. He scratched his ear and hurt himself…which means Dr. Mom (hi there) had to treat his booboo and give him lots of hugs…a new pillow for his crate, an extra long walk, and a car ride with the windows down so that he could hang his head out and hopefully let some air at his battered ear.

We stopped for coffee at DD. The drive thru had a line…and there is never a line. I am least patient when not caffienated. Add to that my recently acquired hormonacidal tendencies…it was the longest 8 minutes of my life. The dog started barking during minutes 5 and 8…because the guy in the car behind me was wearing sunglasses…and Mac hates it when people do that on cloudy afternoons…apparently. I like to think the barking moved the line along…at least it broke my concentration…and interrupted the stank eye I was throwing toward the guy in front of us….”what kinda cream cheese ya got?” …”do you have a jalepeeeeeno cheese bagel?”…and I’m the weirdo looking at my dog saying: “THIS fuggin guy”…and no, they do not have jalepeeeeeno cheese bagels.